Monday, January 25, 2010

A week in Brew City

This week, I'll be doing something a little different--I will be posting about how beer and its influences the culture here in Milwaukee. All cities have a unique culture shaped by its history, demographics, and industry that influence the way of life. In Milwaukee, we have beer and blue collar jobs. We live and work in old breweries, we decorate with beer, we home bars, we buy microbrews, and we homebrew in the basement. Only in Milwaukee, right? And then at the end of this glorious week, I will be having a GIVEAWAY!

Photo: mediafury


  1. not even joking, when we toured our house (before buying it) i saw this little closet room at the bottom of the basement stairs and said "this is PERFECT for homebrewing!"

  2. Yeah (or a wine cellar)! Matt has full reign over our scary 19th century basement for homebrewing. His batch is almost ready for bottling so just you wait until Saturday's Post!!



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