Sunday, January 10, 2010

Milwaukee Style: Hunter boots

I was screaming like a little girl at Hannah Montana when I unwrapped my new pair of Hunter wellies this past Christmas. I have been seeing them on fashionable people here and there, but that's not the only reason I wanted them......they are sooooo practical for Milwaukee winters. You can go out shoveling, walk the dog, step in mud, and still go out and look cute. I love that you can just wipe them off; no leather, furry lining or laces to worry about.

Here are some cute outfits topped off with a pair of wellies!.......

images from: lookbook, weardrobe, the Guardian


  1. I think I need these. Are they comfortable?
    - Katie @ HAP

  2. They are very comfortable for walking....the rubber shapes to your body (like leather) and flexes over time. Sometimes my feet get cold because they aren't lined...but they do sell fleece liners....or just buy knee high smartwool socks. I will say, if you wear them like Kate Moss, your boots will stick to your legs like suction cups (unless you have supermodel twig legs, that is).



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