Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Cupcakes, Crowds, and Cold Ones

Beer and Bratwurst cupcakes (left) and Duff Beer cupcakes with a mini donut on top (right)? Have I told you how much I love Milwaukee culture?! I only got these two cupcakes because there were a million people at Moct last night. I think there were about 22 different beer cupcakes and about 400 people. Next year I will be there before doors open and wearing my running shoes.


  1. Isn't Iron Cupcake fun? Next month they are doing BACON as the theme ingredient. Since I am vegetarian, I probably won't be checking it out, but it sure sounds interesting!

  2. I've never had bacon on a cupcake before....but I'm somewhat intrigued. You eat baco's, right? If you don't go, I'll let you know which bacon cupcakes would taste good with bacos.



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