Sunday, February 14, 2010

Can't stop listening to: Bramble

Bramble @ Sundance 2010 "Trains X" from Jonathan Houser on Vimeo.

Bramble is an indie folk-jam group from Salt Lake City that formed after a hobo-style bicycle trip down the west coast. The group recently payed the wintery-weathered streets at Sundance Film Festival, see the video above. They play everything from ukuleles, buckets, banjos, to accordions and shoe-laced bells but have managed to mix the sound into something quite palatable by film-goers and the media. I got the first album this weekend and have been playing it ever since. Time for a total disclaimer: this is my cousin's band, though however hard I try not to be biased, my praise is probably a teensy bit biased. The other part of my praise is very genuine. They are extremely good for playing in the freezing cold on "instruments" I could find in my garage, and after only having formed this past summer. For more info on Bramble see their website:

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