Friday, February 12, 2010

Time for Tea: collecting cheese boxes

I love looking through all my different teas and trying picking one out (Cold days like today call for Darjeeling). I keep my single tea bag packets in old wooden cheese boxes that I find at Antique stores or Flea Markets. They are the PERFECT width. My favorite boxes are the old Pabst boxes, although they're harder to find. The breweries in Milwaukee used farms west of the city to grow the hops, barley, wheat, etc. When prohibition hit, Pabst switched gears and used their land for dairy-farming harvesting malt for malt-syrup instead. Back then, cheese was sold in 5lb boxes--who eats that much cheese? But now, I use them for tea bag packets and organizing desk supplies.

1 comment:

  1. who eats that much cheese? seriously, sara, have you met me?

    cute idea, p.s. :)



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