Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Cheap Thrills: Anthro sweater and floral rugs

Q. What are my cheap thrills?
A. Finding good deals or good imposters.

This cardigan wrap was all over the wedding blogs a month ago but is now ON SALE at Anthropologie for $49.95! Hurry, I guarantee it will sell out.

Photo: Braedon Photography, Anthropologie

I am a fan of the chintz florals that are making a comeback this spring. The Anthropologie hooked wool rug on the right is $498 but the similar Urban Outfitters throw rug (on the left) of the same size is only $68.

Photo: Meljoy, Urban Outfitters


  1. What a gorgeous sweater! Love the rug, too. Nice finds!

  2. Wow, looking so nice. I seems that these are very light!modern rugs



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