Monday, May 17, 2010

Flea Market Finds: May 2010

Here's a photo recap of what I saw at Elkhorn Flea Market last weekend.

do you see those lunch trays? am I crazy to have almost bought those?

And here is what I came home with:

aren't you glad I didn't buy the Elk head?
that tool bag was waaaayyy cheaper than the other one I was eyeing up.


  1. Great buys! I'd have to check this out next time.

  2. The Elk head would have really held the entire room together though...

  3. I love the Elkhorn Flea Market! It's actually right by where my mom now lives. I've found my share of awesome treasures there, too! Good finds.

  4. Looks like some fun stuff!
    The cowboy (cowgirl?) boots would have alone been worth the haul out there. I'll have to check this out next time.

  5. How did I miss those boots? By the way, I am pretty sure that was more than just the head of that moose!

  6. Hi Sara! I saw that polka-dot dress at the flea market to and I LOVED it!

  7. I love flea markets! Good scores!



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