Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Milwaukee Faves: Leon's Frozen Custard

photos: retinal fetish, brittany a. miller

Matt and I took the Vespa over to Leon's Frozen Custard for dessert the other night. Frozen custard is like ice cream but only ten times better. I don't know if other places have it, but it seems like a "Wisconsin thing". When I was sitting there, people watching and listening to the car radios, I remember thinking 'I don't think I've had real ice cream, only custard, in a long time'. Then I dropped my cone right in the parking lot.


  1. oh no! When do we get to hear more about the Italian Vespa honeymoon, by the way??

  2. We just tried Wayne's in Cedarburg the other night...I think they may have the only real ice cream in the whole area. Everywhere you look it's custard -- and yes, I believe that's a Wisconsin thing. When I lived in Minneapolis I think there may have been one or two custard joints and that was about it. Nice shots.

  3. Leon's is a legend. But when it comes to great custard, I'm all about Kopps!

  4. Leon's and Happy Days, what could be more Milwaukee?

  5. I second Janelle. As a former Whitefish Bay girl, I'm all about Kopps :)



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