Friday, May 7, 2010

Weekend Style: Yoga clothes (with or without yoga)

I love wearing workout clothes on the weekend, especially yoga pants--they're like sweats only classier. This weekend is going to be pretty busy, so no actual yoga to go along with the pants. I plan to stop by the Fondy Farmers Market first thing tomorrow AM, then swing by Lululemon in the Third Ward on my way home. I am pretty excited for my first visit to this store. I hope I find some good workout clothes for when I hang out with new my best friend. We've been hanging out a lot lately.

(top to bottom: harpers bazaar, people, karen cheng)


  1. Be sure to let us know how your first visit to the store went! You can tweet us if you like: @lululemon
    Liz - lululemon online community

  2. Seriously you have an attractive workout tights. Looking for best fitness gear for my gym training too. Came to know about many sites but not finding my favorite colored ones there. Hope will find a store soon as still looking for it.



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