Thursday, July 15, 2010

{When In Rome} 10 Things

10 things I've learned today:

1. It's stupid to walk in Rome. But don't ride a scooter unless you REALLY know how. Matt's doing a great job driving today.
2. Harem pants (or as I call them, "poopy pants") are really big here.
3. Now I know where all the cute, comfortable shoes were hiding....ROME!
4. It IS possible to physically melt. Come to Rome when it's 100 degrees.
5. On that note, you can stick your feet in pretty much any fountain.
6. When visiting the Vatican, wear knee-length shorts (I ripped mine when I tried to quickly stretch them down).
7. Diet Coke is like $6 USD at all the touristy places, but only 0.75 euros at the grocery store!
8. The Spanish steps are beautiful, but when you're looking up at them turn around because there's a giant DIOR store.
9. You can pretty much park anywhere. We saw THIS a lot.
10. Gelato comes in more flavors than I knew possible.


  1. I'm so jealous you're there! But yes, it is RIDICULOUSLY hot there! Make sure you stop at Pizzeria Da Baffetto if you have time. So good and so so worth the wait in line. And if you want a picture by the Trevi Fountain completely alone, get up early (6-6:30ish) and run over. My husband and I were the only ones in sight, except for the security guard. It was surreal after seeing it with a billion other people at night.

  2. sososo glad you're having fun!! miss youuuu ♥

  3. jealous!!! have so much fun!



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