Monday, July 26, 2010

{When In Rome} Save room for gelato......

Oh the gelato! Coming from Wisconsin, I find it hard for anything to compete with frozen custard, but I did enjoy the gelato in Italy. Gelato is made much like ice cream, but has a more elaborate process, has a smoother consistency, and YES less butterfat and sugar. We found Giolitti while wandering/being lost near our hotel. It looked perfect--cute outside seating, marble floors, white clad employees, old gold decor, families all around. I know there are lots of other excellent gelatarias in Rome, but we only made it to this one. I walked in and was a little confused, the signs weren't in english and the cashier had some problems understanding my Wisco-accent.

So if you go, here are the basics.......
Pay at the cashier first. Then, take your ticket to the gelato counter.
Cono: cone
Coppa: cup
Gusto: scoop
Gusti: scoops
Panna: whipped cream

and here's a chart for what all those italian flavors mean....

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