Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The $30 Nude Pump

I have been searching for a pair of classic nude patent leather pumps for a while. Thankfully, Target (or as the french say, tarzshay) is always there for me in the clutch. Ever since grad school started, I have been on a pretty strict budget. Therefore, retail shopping has turned into mostly window shopping. So, when I do bite the bullet and swipe my Visa, it's only because I have exhausted a long vetting process. Is it in my budget? Will I keep this item for years? Is it versatile enough to wear across seasons? Will it go on sale? Can I mix and match this? Can I "live" without it? Yikes!

So yes, I am in the girl pacing around the store staring, indecisively at the merchandise, then making another lap so I can think some more. These Mossimo Pearce nude patent leather pumps from Target met all the above criteria. Ringing in at $30, these shoes are incredibly affordable for what you get - a versatile shoe that can be worn with any color. And they're pretty comfortable, too.

Blogger, Kileen from Cute and Little has a pair, too. See how cute they are?

Just a heads up, these shoes are selling out hellafast. I searched three Targets just to find a size 9, so if that's the size you need, cross the Bay View Target off your list.

1 comment:

  1. Gorgeous! I got a slightly lower nude patent heel from Steve Madden last year, but normally I'd be all for stalking these babies! :)



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