Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Engagement Photos in Aisle 5

On Monday, my friends Colleen and Mike were featured in Rock 'n Roll Bride for their quirky engagements photos taken at nearby">Koppa's Fulbeli Deli by my friend CJ Foeckler.  They both love Koppa's, and who wouldn't - how many groceries stores can you sit and play Atari - and they live nearby so it was a perfect location.  During the photo shoot they really got to ham it up and show off their bright and fun-loving personalities.  Which, for engagement photos is perfect.  It's nice to see a fun (and authentic) couples photo instead of the ho-hum "day in the park" photos.

You can see more of Colleen over at her blog, Flee Fly Flown and more of Mike at his blog Wizconsin.


  1. Crazy, I used to work with Colleen! Those are such cute pics!

  2. Ah, a GREAT engagement shoot! I used to live around the corner from Koppa's and have fond memories of that place. I am head over heels over these cute pics with personality!

  3. oh colleen is SO CUTE!! i LOVE these! i used to work with colleen as well!

  4. Wow, thanks for the love, guys! We had a lot of fun shooting and got a lot of strange looks as well. :)

    - Colleen

  5. So fun!! Of course I love the name Colleen and it's great to see some Wisconsin love! xo



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