Monday, February 27, 2012

Inside Neko Case's Home

I about flipped when I saw these home tour photos of Neko Case's Vermont home in the pages of Country Living. When it comes to artists I get insanely excited about, Neko tops the list. And I found these photos to be quite inspiring. See, I've been trying to pull off a mix of antique (my parents run an antique flea market) meets rock and roll (my husband is in the music business) with basic modern elements as a decor for our house. I found a working balance but nothing I'm wowed with. After seeing Neko's house, I finally get what I'm trying to do. Cue the lightbulb.


  1. Wow... I am crazy over Neko Case's house! That kitchen is out of this world. And I LOVE that little reading room with the bookcase decals! So cool.

  2. That piano in the kitchen?!? This space is amazing. I love Vermont!



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