Saturday, February 11, 2012

MKE Style: a good winter boot

source: The Sartorialist, source: L.L. Bean Maine Hunting Shoe

What kind of winter boots do you girls have? I have a pair of clunky shearling Sorel boots that I find to wear on a regular basis. So that's why I've been eyeing up these classic L.L. Bean Boots. And with this weekend's 15% promo code, I'm thinking about pulling the trigger.

Bean boots have even gotten the nod from The Sartorialist and other style blogs, which means if worn right (ie not with hunting gear), you can can uber fashion savvy AND stay warm.

top left. top right. bottom left. bottom right.


  1. Love these! I was really tempted to buy an LLBean pair a couple of years ago, but finding an old Sorel pair at my parents' house (used to be an aunt's? no one knows ha) postponed the splurge. Getting tempted again, though... :)

  2. I have wanted bean boots for a couple years now. I suppose I should splurge! ; )



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