Monday, May 7, 2012

3 Things from the Weekend

1. Our backyard renovation is nearing completion. The sod is almost ready to walk on. Luckily there was plenty of rain and an overly ambitious husband to make sure it got plenty of water.

2. I planted our vegetable garden over the weekend and planted some small shrubs and ornamental grass, too. After learning our lesson with garden box no. 1, I left plenty-o-space between seedings and did not plant a single cucumber. Those things take on a horrifying life of their own, to the point where I think the plant in 'Little Shop of Horrors' must have been a cucumber.

3. I was able to catch up on some leisurely reading. How? Spring Semester ended last week!! I read the latest quarterly of Wilder, a gardening and lifestyle magazine I had on my desk since February. It's a beautiful magazine.

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