Wednesday, May 9, 2012

5 Gifts for Nurses Week


This week is National Nurses Week. If you didn't know, that's OK. I'm a nurse and almost forgot. We're good at selfless acts of kindess, not self-recognition. So let's talk about what nurses do. If you watch Nurse Jackie, that's totally our lives - minus the drug addiction. We see people on their worst day, at the worst time of their life. I've used the pair of backup scrubs in my locker way too many times, but I've also left work knowing that no one left as sick and anxious as when they came in. It's a tough job but so rewarding. And that feeling is pretty good, but it's nice to be thanked, too. So here are some ideas on how to thank the nurses in your life.

1. Gourmet chocolate: The way to our hearts (and the top of our priority list) is not hard. You just have to bribe us with chocolate. Shown: Divine Dark Chocolate Bar

2. Fun watch: I own this exact watch and love it. It also distracts the kids just long enough so I can give them a shot. Multi-functional. Shown: La Mer Carpe Diem watch

3. Something pretty: Life in unisex scrubs is pretty unexciting. So something small and pretty like earrings, a handmade bracelet, or a necklace from the gift shop can add some much needed life to our look. Shown: A Merry Mishap pale blue geode earrings

4. Strong coffee: There is no such thing as a nurse who doesn't like coffee. I guarantee we all have coffee makers in the break room, but always run out of the secret stash of good coffee hidden beneath the no-name bulk ordered coffee. Good, strong coffee is a godsend. Shown: Stumptown Guatemalan coffee blend

5. Hand cream: I wash my hands at least 20 times a day; not because of the OCD, because of the job. Unfortunately, it wreaks havoc on my already dry skin. Hand Cream, moisturizing soaps, and lotions are perfect solutions for this problem. Shown: L'Occitane Shea Butter Hand Cream

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  1. Happy Nurses week! Especially with my mom having recently completed a long stint in the hospital, I'm even more grateful for what you all do! Many thanks. :)



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