Tuesday, September 21, 2010

How to clean Hunter Boots

photo: little birds

If you've had wellies long enough, you have probably noticed some filmy white streaks forming over time. I got out my wellies out a couple weeks ago after a long, dry summer and found them all gunked up and shizz. I wanted my cute, bright, shiny wellies back. So I googled. I scrolled through chat rooms. How the hell do I get this stuff off? Soap and water, Dawn dish detergent, even olive oil didn't do the trick. The product "UV Tech" was mentioned a few times, so I searched for that. It's essentially rubber cleaner for boats, but it's also used for scuba diving equipment and outdoor equipment. For about $10, the results were great. In the Milwaukee area, it can be found at REI, Sherper's, or Laacke and Joys. If you're not in the area, it seems like most outdoor stores would stock this. Here's the website for more info: McNett UV Tech.

photos: fashion slacker, the workroom


  1. hey sara!
    I found your blog from a post about you on design sponge! your blog is amazing! im new to milwaukee and this site is very helpful and full of great posts on life in milwaukee! any advice for a 22 year old college student new to the area? well i have spent hours looking at all your old posts and look forward to all the posts to come!
    -also you looked beautiful on your wedding day! Congrats.

  2. aww, i think they're cuter with their "patina"!

  3. I definitely like them a little lived in! :)



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