Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Back to School. Grad School.

This month starts my first semester of graduate school. Yippee! This is the right time, the right program, and the right place. I will be making a commute from Milwaukee to Chicago, but it will be worth it. I have this thing against attending undergrad and grad at the same school. I have a few things on my "back to school" wishlist, but the marble composition books are at the top of any actual list. I used them alllll the time during undergrad because they didn't bend, they packed well, and the pages never fell out. It's the simple things, y'all. So I'll be blogging from the train when I'm not driving through tollways. Any places in Chicago or between here and there I should add to my agenda?? I already know about the Godiva store on Michigan Ave. (it's right across the street from my classes).

The List:
8GB Gold bar USB drive, $21. Microtomic Van Dyke pencils, $23. Marble Composition book, $6. Loyola Chicago Seal T-Shirt, $22. Dean & Deluca reusable jute tote, $4.50.
L.L. Bean Signature collection outfit, $too much for me. Photo of Bryn Mawr student by Katrina Thomas. I-Pass, $50.


  1. i looked at the Loyola grad program for international studies. what are you going for?

  2. I'm an RN now, so I'll be getting my MSN with an NP certificate. So then I can have my own practice.

  3. If you havent already done so make sure to sign up for the Godiva Club on their website or in a store... you get a free truffle every month!



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