Friday, September 24, 2010

Vintage Decorating: Math and Science

I am a big fan of decorating your house with items that have some "personal meaning" to you (ie I don't own these). I love incorporating vintage pieces that reflect your profession. For writers--a vintage typewriter. For gardeners--botany prints. For teachers--an old desk or dictionary. For musicians--old instruments or records. As a nurse, I have a mini microscope in my office area and old Florence Nightingale book. If your job or hobby is in math or science here are a few ideas....

(FYI: The Elkhorn Flea Market is tomorrow! I'll be shopping at the crack of dawn and then working at the front desk in the office for the rest of the day. Stop by and say hi if you're there!)

1. Vintage Abacus from GreaterRetroArea 2. Vintage Math Flashcards from SaturdayAMVintage 3. Moon Globe from JHerrmann 4. Vintage Utility Scale from havenvintage 5. Vintage Phrenology head from creamcityvintage 6. Space Telescope from hindsvik 7. Molecular Model from CathodeBlue 8. Black Pepper Botany print from Holcroft 9. Vintage First Aid kit from vintageseventyfive

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