Thursday, May 19, 2011

Have a Drink: Limoncello

Lately, I have been missing Italy. bad. We were there last summer, on our honeymoon, riding a Vespa down the coast, stopping at little towns and swimming in the sea. Take me back! So, I have been filling that void with italian food, a few Dean Martin songs here and there, even by watching the show "Mob Wives". Yes, the situation is dire. I need help. Some good things have come out of this, I must say. I bought a bottle of Gioia Luisa Limoncello and after a little experimenting I have found that I really like it. I must warn you that limoncello MUST be served freezing cold and is way too lemony to use more than an ounce. Believe me, I've done the legwork. Basil leaves and some lemon slices really freshen up the flavor.

I also think this would make an EXCELLENT hostess gift. Note how cheap and easy it would be to make. There are a lot of limoncello recipes out there, and they're all basically the same, but I would rather trust my gal, Martha. For bottling, you can use an old white wine bottle (with twist off cap) or grab some of these SLOM bottles from IKEA. Just add a little tag with storing instructions or a drink recipe and BAAM, good - to - go.


  1. the only thing to do when you're missing italy that badly? go back. :)

  2. Yes! In my mind I already have our dream second trip planned. Maybe Cinque Terre, Puglia, Sicily.

  3. If I weren't preggo I would soooo go down to my freezer, pour a taste of limoncello into a frosty glass and enjoy...who cares that it's only 10 in the morning!

    I miss Italy too.

  4. Wow, I honestly had no idea it was that simple. Definitely going to give this a try :)



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