Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pabst Theater in Rolling Stone

images via rolling stone magazine

I JUST saw this Milwaukee shout out in Rolling Stone from last month's issue. They asked artists to name their music industry favorites as part of the "Best of Rock 2011" article. Justin Vernon from Bon Iver gave a gracious nod to Matt Beringer (aka hubs) and Gary Witt who run the show at the Pabst Theater, Riverside, and Turner Hall. Justin has played the venues about five or six times and will be here again in June (sold out).

SO, if anyone has a copy of this issue (I searched high and low but the new issue is already in stands) I would love to put it on our coffee table, open to that page for oh, like, the next 2 years. Email me if you have it and are willing to part! creamcityandsugar@gmail.com Thanks (big kiss, too)

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  1. They have a good amount of them on Ebay, search: rolling stone magazine 2011.



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