Friday, May 6, 2011

Tour de Mil: Milwaukee Food Tours

I've been on a lot of tours in Milwaukee, but I can't wait to add this one to the list: the Milwaukee Food Tours. We have family visiting Milwaukee this summer and this would be perfect for them. If you're in town for only a few days and want to get the most out of your visit, this would be the thing to do. The tours highlight a special neighborhood and its restaurants, sampling the good pub-crawl-style, from one establishment to the next all while Milwaukee history and stories are told by your tour guide. I emailed Theresa Nemetz from Milwaukee Food Tours to find out some more......

This year they've added two new great tours, a Milwaukee Pizza Tour and a Historic Cedarburg Tour! That would be in addition to their Beer, Brats and Bowling Tour, Bloody Mary Brunch Tour, Third Ward Tour, and Brady Street Tour (just to name a few). I asked if there was a list of restaurants/places they visit, but each tour varies a little. So it's a surprise! If you're a Milwaukeean and been around the block, seen it all, I think the surprise factor can make even the hard and fast locals feel like a tourist in a new town. I also asked about having dietary restrictions/picky-eaters in tow. Just notify Milwaukee Food Tours ahead of time and Theresa will work it out with the restaurants and stops. And my biggest question: Where's Theresa's favorite tour spot? There's favorites on each tour route, of course, but the Brady Street tour ranks pretty high on her list (perhaps because of Theresa's Sicilian roots). She writes, "many of our local attendees haven't been to these locations before and also don't know the amazing stories behind the buildings and the immigrants that started the businesses 40+ years ago - but they also are fascinated by the new businesses on the street too". Some items on the Brady Street Tour include thin-crust pizza, olives, salami, cannoli, duck tacos, and a visit to Lakefront Brewery. And don't forget, it's not just food, Theresa points out the architecture, history and stories from the neighborhood, "...we point out things for our guests that they have never noticed before, such as the 88 amazing etchings in the sidewalk along Brady Street telling the story of the community".

Visit the Milwaukee Food Tours website here
Buy your tickets online HERE
You can even buy ahead of time for a birthday gift. Mother's Day is coming up and this would be a great gift, too.

{P.S. Thanks to my lovely readers, I have located a copy of the Rolling Stone issue I was looking for! I am a very proud wife and can't wait to show it to everyone I know. Thanks readers!}

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  1. Loved the Holiday Bakery Tour! I think I'm still working off the calories from all those baked goods. So glad you highlighted a hidden Miltown gem!



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