Sunday, May 29, 2011

On the Road: Holy Toledo

Yesterday afternoon we were in Toledo, Ohio, a short drive from Ann Arbor. Once I realized how interesting this place was, I started taking a few iPhone photos so I could post. Who knew Toledo was actually pretty cool? I didn't. We first made a stop to Stanley's Market, a polish grocery store. It's been sad watching the ethnic corner grocery stores in Milwaukee remodeling and/or moving so that they could be more "modern". So, I was overjoyed to walk into Stanley's. I don't think they've changed a thing since 1960. I love it! Because that's what makes them unique, authentic, and genuine. We stocked up on Kielbasa, using the word "stocked up" literally. (P.S. They ship!)

Then we headed over to the original Tony Packo's on Front St. to get some Hungarian-style comfort food. This combined two of my husband's favorite things: Hungarian food (he's Hungarian) and free soda refills. Hot dog buns signed by celebrities and somewhat celebrities are encased and hung on the wall. Weird? Somewhat, but where else can you find Chicken Paprikas and Cabbage Rolls on the menu?

The highlight of the day for me was seeing the Toledo Art Museum and the Glass Pavillion across the street. The pavillion walls are ALL made of seamless glass, it curves around each individual room. We watched a glass-making demonstration which I found fascinating. It looks like such an intricate skill and an incredibly creative art. The museum was enormous. I couldn't believe I was in a smaller city because it looked and felt like a smaller version of the Philadelphia art museum. It was really impressive.

We tried to go to the Toledo Mudhens game, but the weather was not in full cooperation. If you go, this is no ordinary minor league game. The stadium, the fan store, and the fans are in full-out baseball mode that could rival any major league team. These people mean business.

So, if you're ever near Toledo (sometimes called Holy Toledo due to the large number of churches) or passing through, I would definitely recommend an afternoon of looking around. Who knew I would be raving about Toledo? It was that nice.


  1. Yes indeed. Toledo's a real gem. And don't forget about the "Racing Toledo Celebrities!"

  2. Stanley's really hasn't changed since 1960, although technically I can only remember back to about 1987. It was strange being 4 years old following my Dzia Dzia (grandpa) through a giant freezer with 6 ft. racks of frozen meat hanging from the ceilings. I think that's when my mortality hit me. According to my Busia (grandma), they used to keep live ducks and homing pigeons in the back during the depression (before the FDA was organized enough to care) - she still remembers how to properly "bleed" a duck, one skill I hope I'll never have to use!



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