Tuesday, May 31, 2011

MKE Style: Tips for Warm Weather

1. Gap Maxi Dress, 2. J.Crew zip cardigan, 3. iPhone case, 4. French Connection Brigette Satchel, 5. Old Navy skinny belt, 6. Aveda Lip Glaze in Ginger Lily, 7. BR Gold Bangles, 8. Tory Burch Emmy sandal

I struggle with knowing how to dress in the heat. I mean, last week it was 40 degrees and yesterday it was 90. My body is having a WTF moment. Suddenly it's summer. That happens in Wisconsin - our weather is fickle. And just as fast as the heat comes, it goes. I also don't want to go out and buy a whole bunch of summer dresses that I'll only wear a month out of the year. So, dressing for hot days is a challenge.

Above are some staple pieces that can easily be transitioned to spring, fall, and winter. Simple dresses with neutral colors can be layered and accessorized into the next season. Also, dressing for summer doesn't always mean changing your wardrobe, let accessories like belts, handbags, iPhone covers, and lip gloss do the job for you. When it's extremely hot and muggy, I skip makeup all together and opt for a bright lip color because everything else will melt off your face. Choose accessories that aren't big and bulky. Even my wrists start to sweat when wearing watches or big chunky bangles (ick!). And just because it's hot for a few hours, it can get chilly in the blink of an eye (thanks Lake Michigan) so pack an extra layer. Linen and short sleeved cardigans are good options. These extra layers also come in handy when you realize your virgin Wisconsin skin is turning into a ferocious sunburn. One good thing about this sort of weather is that because it's only summer a few months out of the year, I don't feel bad buying really nice sandals or a really nice summer bag because that low-usage means it will last multiple seasons. Or, maybe that's just me justifying spending more money. Not sure. Either way, I welcome the warmer weather. Bring it on, Wisconsin!

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