Friday, November 11, 2011

Roth Käse Cheese

It's perhaps a prerequisite for living in Wisconsin, but I love cheese. And after digging around on I found out why. My Swiss-born great-grandfather carried on the family trade of cheese making and dairy farming and my great-grandmother grew up on the slopes of the Matterhorn where Swiss cheese (or emmentaler as we Swiss say) was born. So, it all makes sense now.

One of my new favorite cheeses is Roth Käse's Grand Cru Gruyere, a buttery smooth and light cheese, a little denser than Swiss, but just as milky. I paired it up with some Honey Crisp apples for an afternoon snack, but I could see this going really well with sandwiches or on french onion soup. You can trek to the factory in Monroe, Wisconsin to buy some, but I have seen it at Whole Foods, West Allis Cheese Shoppe, and the Cedar Valley Cheese Store in New Belgium, WI.

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