Monday, November 28, 2011

Top Ten Party: December 27th

Attention music nerds! As 2011 is nearing a close, a year of good music needs to be properly appreciated. Every year, my husband hosts a "Top Ten Party" to gather (remember last year's?), listen to great albums, and discuss nerdy music stuff. Oh, and drink. Everyone compiles a list of the top ten greatest albums of the year (after great contemplation--ie my husband) and writes them out on giant posters to post around the room.

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today's Shepherd Express article

This year, it will be held at Club Garibaldi on the 27th, with beer courtesy of Milwaukee Brewing Co. Donations will be accepted for charity. This year, the charity of choice is a project that I hold very dear, the Kola Project.

When I went to Liberia in January with USAID, I became even more aware how education is crucial to economic development, peaceful democracy, and social change. Even though, I have done several USAID projects, PEPFAR projects, and donate internationally, I'm very aware that an American cannot solve an African problem. I can only pass on my skills and resources to those living and breathing on the ground and in the field. Our group gathered our resources and put them into action. The Kola Project funds two full four year baccelaureate scholarships every year for selected students to attend the University of Liberia. Funding a domestic education builds a local resevoir of talent, funds jobs, and encourages good work to stay in Liberia. One academic year at the University of Liberia only costs less than $50. The Project covers tuition and a small stipend for books and school related costs like transportation.

post YOUR list of top ten albums of the year onto the official blog

Hope to see your lists!

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