Thursday, January 19, 2012

Couto Street Art

photo: wrokic

I've been driving by this mural on South 1st Street almost everyday for months wondering what it is? who made it? are there more? As you see, these questions went to the bottom of my list and I'm just getting around to googling it now. The mural went up in July on the corner of South 1st street and Pittsburgh Ave thanks to the Couto Brothers, two globe-trotting Brazilian brothers with no first names. You can keep up with their projects on their blog or peruse their professional website to get a taste of their artistic ability.

The mural really brightens up that corner and I love its contribution to other smaller street art projects popping up around Milwaukee. Someday I'm going to go around and take some photos but in the meantime, look up Milwaukee street art on Flickr. There's some great stuff out there.

Watch the mural's creation from start to finish:

I love these other pieces of work from the Couto Brothers:

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  1. whoa!! thanks for sharing this!! i've been curious about this murals origins as well. i love it and would love to see more like it!



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