Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Milwaukee Faves: Red Arrow Park Skating

One of my favorite spots in Milwaukee is Red Arrow Park on the corner of Water and State streets. How many other places can you see a zamboni on your way to work? In addition to zamboni-watching, Red Arrow has its very own Starbucks serving up the mandatory ice skating drink, hot chocolate. Skate rentals are inside the Starbucks ($7 for kids, $8 for adults) along with lockers and bathrooms. The Starbucks floor is even skate proof so you can easily walk around (and avoid an America's Funnies Home Video moment). But hurry, ice skating season ends February 1st. Personally, I enjoy the latte sipping and people watching more than skating these days. However, I remember making the trip into Milwaukee just after getting my drivers license to go ice skating when it wasn't a Starbucks yet. Oh memories. Sweet memories of athletic coordination.

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John December


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