Saturday, April 28, 2012

take shelter!

mango stripe umbrella, $69. coral/tan umbrella, $35. red umbrella, $45 bubble umbrella, $20. kiwi dot umbrella, $24. red flower umbrella, $40. black stripe umbrella, $40.

The forecast here has been nothing but rain, rain, and rain. Usually, I'd complain, but a) my new sod is really loving it and b) shopping for a new umbrella can be so much fun! Who knew there were so many different colors and patterns out there. I'm especially fond of the the Marimekko patterns. And just Marimekko in general. But really, any bright, fun umbrella would do the job of both keeping you dry and giving a little boost to the rainy day blues. So take shelter, Milwaukee, the sun doesn't look like it's going to shine any time soon.

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