Sunday, October 18, 2009

Got the Flu shot yesterday

H1N1 reminds me of this abstract bubble art:

The Southside health center offered up free H1N1 shots to health care workers yesterday. I was grateful to get mine after hearing that there may be a shortage for the next few weeks. I know not everyone is getting the swine flu shot this year but I was in the category of healthcare workers whose job warrants them to get the shot. I plan on getting the seasonall flu shot after work tomorrow because I would rather have a sore muscle and some preservatives in my arm than get the flu and feel like absolute crap while using up all my sick days. I also don't want to spread it to little kids, my pregnant friends, or my immunocompromised patients (see this study about transmission rates). Check out the CDC website for more info about the seasonal flu shots and updated epidemiological info for both flu viruses. There's a lot of highly reputable global research (see study links here) going on out there, so base your decision to get the flu shot(s) based on that info, not what Jenny McCarthy and believers are saying.

Milwaukee Health Department Flu Clinics: see schedule
All the TakeCare Clinics at Walgreens seem to be out of the flu shots: check availability in a few weeks. Cost $25

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  1. I love this blog so much I can hardly stand it. You know there is something to be said of a passion expressed well, sadly I’m not the one to say it but I’ll say this, well done.



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