Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Milwaukee Faves: The Marsupial Bridge

I love browsing through flickr photos to find Milwaukee photos. I also love driving or biking around Milwaukee and finding hidden Milwaukee landmarks or fun spots. So, I'm calling it Milwaukee Faves and I'll be posting every now and then about my favorite hidden gems in Milwaukee.

The marsupial bridge is one sweet bridge. It rises and falls as it stretches across the river, has excellent night time aesthetic lighting, and is practical as all get out (not many bridges get you from Brady to Riverwest in 5 minutes flat).

photo from: bryan kelley
The bridge is an integral part of the Riverwest 24 hour bike race. It is also a nice and cozy home to the Bike-In Movie Series.

photo from: stellaloella
The bridge is located under the Holton St. bridge, but the Marsupial bridge is only open to bikes/pedestrians. The media garden at the Water St. entrance to the bridge(across from Trocadero) welcomes you with benches and bike racks. The whole project even won an the Rudy Burner Award for urban design excellence.

photo from: repowers

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