Sunday, October 18, 2009

Lulu the dog eats canine gourmet

(Lulu is a very messy eater)

I was inspired to cook today.....for the dog. We occasionally give her leftovers, some yogurt when her tummy is being weird, and tuna for some omega 3's. So, for my first attempt at doggie gourmet, I made a roasted fingerling potatoes and butternut squash stew with chicken gravy. Lulu was very happy!

Rachael Ray's website has a lot of pet-friendly recipes (food that you and your dog can eat) see recipes here. If you watch Rachael Ray, you know that she loves talking about her dog Isaboo. Personally, I think her recipes sound the best for people eating, too. Some things I just can't justify making ONLY for the dog. Hey, if I'm cooking for over an hour, I better get something out of it, too.

Here's the book I have. It's a good guide for what dogs can/can't and should/shouldn't eat in a general diet. It also provides a reference for daily dietary intake needs (ie. carbs, protein, vitamins, and calories) based on your dog's weight. A few good recipes, too, that even I want to Texas Style Chili and Lamb Souvlaki in a Pita.

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