Monday, October 12, 2009

Shout out to Solly's Butter Burger on the Martha Stewart Show

Martha Stewart featured hamburgers of all shapes and varieties on today's show. Author of the book and creator of the film, Hamburger America, George Motz, gave a shout out to the butter burger at Solly's in Glendale. I always thought Sobelman's had the epic Milwaukee burger, but the more I looked into it, Solly's has received some prestigious distinctions of its own. Solly's is in Glendale right by the Sprecher Brewery (tour then burgers, anyone?) During the brief chat with George Motz, they showed a photo of the infamous Solly's Butter Burger swimming in butter then shot back to George. I noticed the woman behind him briefly display a look of distaste/nausea after seeing all that butter and cheese. Hilarious. I haven't been to this place, yet, but it just moved up a couple notches on the "must see" list.

See Martha's Favorite Burgers here

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