Thursday, October 1, 2009

WELCOME to the start of a new and better blog.

I've had fun posting the most random stuff possible, but it would be nice to have a little direction in what I'm doing. I started trying to blog as a way to show others what I'm into, what stuff I'm reading, and what stuff I'm doing. So, I would like to keep it going in that direction but just organize it up a bit.

1. Some of these new segments will be part of my new layout:
- Milwaukee Faves: Favorite stores, restaurants, and places in Milwaukee
- Weekend: Plans for the weekend or cool stuff happening that upcoming weekend
- On the Road: Pictures and stories from trips to various places outside of the Milwaukee area
- Shopping List: Things on my shopping wish list
- Live Show: upcoming shows I want to get the word out on and shows that I went to that I want to brag about
- Web Browser: Websites or blogs that I have to suggest
- I want to go to there: Places I would like to visit
- I like: things that I'm really into these days
- Daily fix: a theme of items that relate to a topic that's currently on my mind
- Backyard Discovery: New stuff in Milwaukee or places that new to me

2. Milwaukee City Guide: I have been slowly putting one together and it's about time that I got my stuff together. It will be updated once or twice a year. A great guide for family/friend visitors.

3. Better blog layout: I may need some help with this one, but I'm ready to start learning the ins and outs of blog design.

4. Wedding updates: I'm getting married and I'll use the blog to update others with stuff I'm planning.

5. More photos by yours truly: I have been taking photos for the blog with my iphone but that rarely yields decent pictures. So, I plan to use my real camera more often.

6. Overall mission: To communicate in pictures and information what stuff I recommend or what I'm doing. I think it might turn out something like a Martha Stewart production, but my main elements will be:
- Milwaukee community
- Design and style selections for home/clothes
- Recipes for home or Entrees from restaurants
- Documenting and sharing my lifestyle with others

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